Designed in response to calls for a high output ultra low frequency subwoofer solution, the VHD2.21 is a double 21” subwoofer with an input power handling capability of 3200W. Incredibly efficient, the 2.21 has a sensitivity of 106dB at one watt/one meter and can produce output levels in excess of 140dB. It has a frequency response from 28Hz through to 240Hz. Whilst larger than KV2 Audio’s existing subwoofers it still fits in with the company’s philosophy of providing maximum performance from within a compact footprint. Originally designed as part of a VHD system it is voiced for live music but also excels in the field of club and dance music. In any situation it works very effectively, operating down to 28Hz, alongside other VHD products, the smaller ES range, or as an incredible stand-alone subwoofer that can complement any other manufacturers systems. When the ultimate in extended bass response is needed the 2.21 delivers amazing results. Whether it’s filling a stadium, a theatre or a club the VHD2.21 delivers.

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