• Professional Baltic birch construction with wear-resistant polymer coating.
  • Cut away down angle for correct positioning when flown underneath VHD 2.0 cabinet.
  • Four pieces of fly-track (two per side).
  • Very High Definition audio reproduction.
  • 134dB sustained output, 137dB peak.
  • Controlled wide dispersion 110° x 40° Mid/High horn with a flat response to 180°.
  • Revolutionary 3” (76mm) Nitride Titanium diaphragm compression driver with complex geometry phase plug and neodymium magnetic structure for higher output, exceptionally low distortion and extended frequency response.
  • 8” Trans-Coil midrange driver, with a 3” (76mm) voice coil and neodymium magnet for increased control and output with reduced distortion and weight. Horn loaded 12” mid-bass driver with 3”(76mm) inside/outside, epoxy baked, high temperature voice coil assembly and neodymium magnetic structure.
  • Three way active requirement – 1000W from the VHD 2000 providing 600W for the 12” Low Mid, 300W for the 8” Midrange and 100W for the High Frequency.
  • Proprietary side handle design (four) for simplified handling and carrying.
  • High impact low friction feet, allowing lock- in to other VHD cabinets and easy cabinet movement.
  • Front locking aluminium VHD wheel boards with wraparound hardwood bumpers.
  • Weather proofing option and special paint finishes available on request.

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