• Slim, discreetly profiled wall mount cabinet
  • Wide dispersion at high frequencies, controlled at low-mids to reduce indoor reflections
  • 134dB sustained output, 137dB peak with very high dynamic range.
  • Simple wall mounting, suspension, ground stacking, or internally into walls and surfaces
  • These units can be designed and supplied with custom colors, grill templates and logos, offering a flexible and true designer integration product
  • A single horizontal yoke assembly with multiple fixed angle and fixing locations, provides a quick and cost effective solution for simple suspension options
  • The SL412i & SL2.15i are exact identical performance and finish units of the existing SL412 & SL2.15, except they do not incorporate the fixed handles for touring and presentation use. The ‘I’ version is designated for fixed installation use with the same existing mounting and flyware fixings.

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